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A reflection on the Softball season

Playing your hardest results in victory, scoring a point promotes self-pride, and scraped knees result in game-changing saves.  These reasons, along with many others, push sophomores Natalie Gonzalez and Riley Barger to participate in MC softball at a varsity level.

Natalie Gonzalez waits for a ball

“The best part of the season for me was competing in CIF,” Gonzalez said.  “It was so much more competitive than our regular season, and it was so enjoyable to see how our skills matched up against everyone else’s.”

MC varsity girls softball had a great season with an impressive 20 wins in a competitive league. Their outstanding performance landed the team in CIF and  advance them to quarterfinals.

“This was overall a great season,” Gonzalez said.  “We unfortunately lost to Santana, the team who got us out in the quarter finals a total of three times, but I am still very proud of all we have accomplished this season.”

Because of their incomparable skill, MC prepares differently when they have to face division one teams.

“Our biggest competitors are probably division one teams such as Poway and, of course, Santana, We change our warm-ups, line-up of o

ur players, and our batting order when we face teams that pose a threat,” Gonzales said. “We tried everything pretty much, and sometimes we came out on top and sometimes we didn’t”.

Although MC softball had a talented group of girls this year, the key to the team’s success was the unbreakable bond which they shared throughout the season.

“The team works really well, I love how we work together.  The coaches are pretty nice, and I hope to be playing next year,” Barger  said.

With the success MC softball has had this season, and the majority of varsity players planning to come back next year, the bond the team has as well as their skill will only grow.  

“Next year our plan is just to come out bigger and better,” Barger said.

Teamwork, perseverance, and coordination are all a part of a softball player’s skill set.  MC had all these necessary skills along with the desire to win which helped them achieve success.  Watch out for MC softball, because next year Santana might be history.

About Devina Tavathia

Devina Tavathia
Devina Tavathia is the Entertainment editor for the MCSun. She is currently a junior and enjoys exploring her creative side through writing and dance. She is also on the Varsity Track Team.

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