Let’s keep America on their feet

In efforts to make change in their community, seniors and Peer Counselors Tyler Cunningham and David Anderson have decided to start a campaign collecting shoes to send to families in need all over the United States.

“We were inspired to bring this to MC because it is a great way to help developing countries [and] create micro-entrepreneurship businesses in these countries to help them rise out of poverty,” Cunningham said.

With the help of the fundraising company, Funds2orgs, the boys were able to organize this fundraiser for MC.

Both Cunningham and Anderson have been working tirelessly to advertise and collect shoes from MC students as well as the San Diego community.

Donation bins that can be found around campus | Photo courtesy of Funds2orgs

“I drove to National City to pick up two pair of shoes from someone who contacted me interested in helping,” Anderson said.

This level of effort displays the commitment that both of these students have to their community.  In addition, they both spend their lunches in Ms. Hatfield’s room putting rubber bands around the shoes collected as well as brainstorming ways to spread their message.

“MC students can help by bringing in their used shoes, heels, flip flops or any kind of footwear to the donation boxes outside the Sun Center or in Student Services,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham and Anderson are looking to the student body to help them in their large endeavor. In order to be successful, they must collect at least 2,500 pairs of shoes before March 9th. Large bins can be found all around the MC campus where you can drop off any kind of shoes, new or old, in order support the movement.

With only about a quarter of the goal reached at this point, Anderson and Cunningham appreciate the donations by MC students and strongly believe that with unity in a community, anything is possible.

“If every student brings in one pair of shoes, we will reach our goal!” Cunningham said.

If any students would like to help out, they can contact Tyler Cunningham or David Anderson or deposit your shoes into any of the campus donation bins that can be found all around school.


Written by Morgan Turpin

Morgan Turpin is a senior at MC who is a lead singer in one band, drum major in another, and guitarist for all of the above. In his limited amount of free time, he is a staff writer for the MC Sun.

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