Goodbye, Ms.LT!

Written By: Staff Writer Cameron Yeoh

Throughout one’s time in school, teachers have a significant influence on their students. Whether it be spending their lunch break helping a student understand a problem or takingto taking our phones away, teachers are there for the students. Ms. Lamphiere-Tamayoshi is no exception. After teaching at MC for 30 years, LT is retiring. 

LT with family

Before pursuing a teaching career, LT planned to become an attorney. Although the teacher was skeptical of her career choice during her time at law school, LT was not sure what she wanted to do. It was when she got into a car accident she knew her true calling. 

“[If I didn’t get into that car accident] Maybe I would have gone on and finished law school and found the joy that I found in teaching there, but I don’t think so,” LT said. “I think that this was more of a call for me to do something. And hopefully, in my 30 years of teaching that has made a difference in someone’s life.” 

LT never looked back after the bittersweet accident. After graduating from the University of San Diego and a year of law school, she decided to attend San Diego State for her teaching credential. 

“I learned more in my first years of teaching at Bell Junior High,” LT said.

LT states that she has not regretted being a teacher, stating that it has “filled [her] heart since the first time [she] did it.” 

Throughout LT’s 30 years of teaching, she has learned many things from her students. 

“I learned that you have to stop and take a breath and you have to realize that that moment is there for a reason. And we might not be able to understand it right at this moment,” LT said. “Eventually there’s a reason why these things happen, and that it’s so important that you share your story. And that kids have an opportunity to share their story.”

LT firmly believes that students should be heard as she never had that experience. 

“As educators, it is our duty to make sure kids have a place wherethat they are heard.” 

Some of LT’s favorite moments as a teacher is helping her students find a voice within themselves. 

 “From the very first time I to started teaching, to me, personal writing for yourself, leads you to appreciate your voice. And when you can start appreciatingstart appreciate appreciating our voice, and writing that other stuff becomes easier to do because you know that you have a voice.” LT said. 

LT has many things planned after her retirement. 

“I work with UCSD on helping students write their personal statements for college. So I’m going to start up a little business of helping people, they want some help on their personal statements, know, they can want to welcome you know I’d be happy to help them out there,” LT said. “I’m not really sure about lightning thing else I know for sure, am I summer programs through CST as well so I’m not sure any place beyond September of this cup, because, one, my husband’s from Hawaii so we’re going to go to Hawaii, and July. And then we’re going to go to my mom’s September. And then after that, it’ll be time to figure out where I’m going. And what my next path might be, but I do not want to still have students right. So I figure if I can help them with their personal statements. That’ll be a bonus for both of us.” 

Written by Devina Tavathia

Devina Tavathia is a senior and Co-Editor in Chief for the MCSun. She is on the school's varsity track team and loves volunteering as a Science Olympiad coach at MBMS. In her free time she enjoys grooving to some Urban Choreography at StudioFx.

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