Julia Hindle rehearsing with the MC Orchestra | Photo Courtesy of Brett Alan Photography

Julia Hindle: 100 Days of Practice

Sweat broke on her forehead as her body continued to jolt back and forth in the chair. In her hands, a weapon. A weapon of both power and emotion strung tightly with four, thick strings being vibrated by a horse hair bow. This weapon does not kill with blood, but with waves of emotion and feeling which strike the victim’s heart every time. Julia Hindle’s cello is her second voice and she conveys the most beautiful words through her playing.

Hindle, a  senior at MC, has played cello for six years and continues to grow and show her love for this craft. In addition to her involvement in the school’s arts programs, Hindle enjoys performing outside the classroom as well.

“I have mainly performed with the [MC] Orchestra and the San Diego Youth Orchestra at the Poway Performing Arts Center and Escondido Performing Arts Center,” Hindle said.

Hindle performing at the Autumn String Concert | Photo Courtesy of Brett Alan Photography

A few weeks ago, she was able to perform for an elderly home with other MC Orchestra students.

Most recently, Hindle started an Instagram account (@julia.cello) in order to track her progress over 100 days of practice. In music, practice is essential for success, so Hindle hopes that this account will show others the effects of practice and act as a motivation for her to put in practice time every day of the week.

“I got inspiration from other musicians doing 100 days of practice and I wanted to improve as a musician,” Hindle said.

So far, she has posted over 20 videos of herself performing small solo cello excerpts and received strong, positive feedback.

Hindle films short video clips on her phone and plays in the small practice rooms in the band room at school. Each video posted comes with the title of the cello solo she is playing and a #100daysofpractice.

About 20 days in,Hindle now has over 100 followers on her account and almost 200 views on most of her videos. Hindle’s friends and peers appreciate her effort and often comment on her posts with encouraging words to keep her going.

Julia dedicates herself to perfecting her craft | Photo Courtesy of Brett Alan Photography

Although Hindle is constantly playing her cello, her practice has primarily been a part of her participation in the orchestra, but she plans to take her cello playing with her into her life as well.

“I know I will never stop playing the cello, it is definitely a huge part of me that I don’t want to lose,” Hindle said.     “I am not going to college next year, I’m taking a gap year to volunteer and travel so we’ll see what comes.”

Hindle is determined to continue practicing and performing for people everywhere she goes. Julia wields her sword of music  through her cello and shows everyone around her the true power of emotion that she has.

Written by Morgan Turpin

Morgan Turpin is a senior at MC who is a lead singer in one band, drum major in another, and guitarist for all of the above. In his limited amount of free time, he is a staff writer for the MC Sun.

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