Emotional depictions by Ethan Lee | courtesy of Instagram page @art_masterfully

Ethan Lee: the art of expression

Move without moving, speak without speaking, dream without dreaming. All of these emotions can be displayed through any form of art. In the case of senior Ethan Lee, characters jump and run across the pages of his sketchbook as ideas transfer through his hands and onto the thick paper. His art displays the controlled chaos of his creative mind and continues to catch the attention of  many.

Since 2008, Ethan has been creating art through his drawings and paintings. With over ten years of experience under his belt, his art has developed into a very unique style that he enjoys creating.

“I started taking classes to learn how to draw and paint over ten years ago,” Lee said.

Although Lee often paints in a more modern style, he draws his inspiration from a variety of artists that have impacted the history of art.

Color-inspired art by Ethan Lee | Photo courtesy of Instagram page @art_masterfully

“Many of the old masters of fine arts such as Leonardo da Vinci, William Turner, and Norman Rockwell are some of my inspirations for my traditional style art pieces like landscapes,” Lee said.

These landscapes often include theme-inspired colors that express beauty through natural emotions.

Aside from these landscapes, Lee depicts people and action figures in order to better understand the world around him.

“Some of my inspirations for the more modern art style pieces are Studio Ghibli and @colorbyfeliks on Instagram” Lee said.

Upon observing these artists, it is apparent the inspiration Lee pulls from their art. The unique twist that he puts on his art sets him apart though and gives him identity when it comes to creating artwork. The meaning behind his art also sets him apart as well because the art represents much more than what is on the page.

“I primarily depict people in my artwork because my actions and the actions of the people around me are what define what will happen in my life and other people’s lives,” Lee said.

The deeper meaning behind Lee’s art reveals some of his true inspiration and gives more incentive for those interested in experiencing his art.

“To that end I create some social commentary pieces from time to time, but I also like to create some action or dynamic pieces because they have a very fluid and smooth style and I like martial arts,” Lee said.

The great variety of art allows Lee to appeal to a broader spectrum of art enthusiasts and he does this by commissioning his art for people from time to time. He has even been featured in some art events at MC  where students and the public could view and purchase his art.

“At the current moment I am not open for commissions, however in the next several months I may start taking requests or commissions for my art,” Lee said.

An artist needs to time to create quality work so Ethan must balance both school and his art in order to create quality work while maintaining his stellar academic record.

In addition the upcoming arts festival at Mt. Carmel in late May, Ethan’s art can also be found on his Instagram, @art_masterfully which depicts the many different pieces he has created as well in-progress photographs of his work.

The prowess that Ethan Lee displays artiscally can be seen through his many works and his complex and interesting mind is revealed when he describes the meaning behind his creations. Dreams are not out of Ethan’s reach as he continues to grow his platform and share his art.

Written by Morgan Turpin

Morgan Turpin is a senior at MC who is a lead singer in one band, drum major in another, and guitarist for all of the above. In his limited amount of free time, he is a staff writer for the MC Sun.

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