Photo courtesy|Chloe Nguyen

The faces of ASB

They put on your school dances, pep rallies, and spirit days. Sundevils know them as a single unit––ASB––but each individual contributes to the work that takes place behind the scenes. Who are they?

Chloe Nguyen: ASB President.

Nguyen is an organized student who provides stability and structure to ASB’s projects on campus. Each day, she and the VP hold a meeting to establish the day’s tasks and who will get them accomplished.

“We’re overseeing all of the events that are happening and making sure everything runs smoothly,” Nguyen said. “Normally the advisers come to me if they need something.”

Photo courtesy|Chloe Nguyen
Photo courtesy|Chloe Nguyen

Bianca Velasco: ASB Vice President.

Velasco’s upbeat spirit helped to energize Sundevils when she emceed for the start of the year pep rally. Velasco also takes part in event planning.

“I’m in charge of homecoming float building, the homecoming dance, and blacklight,”  Velasco said.

Daniel Shabsin: Treasurer.

Shabsin, more commonly known among peers as ‘Dshabs’, is responsible for managing the funding of ASB to ensure that all events are financially possible. He figures out the cost of every ASB-run activity, as well as making sure every dollar earned from football concessions and other funding is accounted for.

Jonathon (Jonny) Macedo: Athletics commissioner.

Macedo is in charge of all things hype. You may recognize him as the emcee for the back-to-school pep rally, or as the leader of the Red Sea student section at sport events.

“I try to get as many people to go to the games as possible. It also entails that I interview an athlete of the month,” Macedo said. “It’s just really fun getting everyone involved and excited at the football games and basketball games especially.”

Thomas Setnan: Music technician.

Setnan is in charge of all the music Sundevils hear at lunch, pep rallies, and spirit days. His contribution makes MC the fun and energetic place that it is.

“I just try and connect with people’s musical emotions,” Setnan said. “Music is very important so I like to be involved with that.”

These Sundevils are just a few of the important components of ASB. Other students include: Alissa Panaranda, whose job as the pep rally commissioner is to plan out each rally. Gracie Hard is the ASB representative who attends board meetings along with parents and teachers. Vivek Montiero’s duty as the Link Crew commissioner is to lead freshmen orientation and freshmen retreat. Conner Carvajal is the games coordinator for pep rallies and at lunch on the stage. Josh Hoch and Triana Marasigan are the senior class presidents, and double as co-anchors for the Sundevil broadcast along with Jonny Macedo and Thomas Setnan.

These are only a few of the many positions in ASB. Without any one of  them, the well-operating system they uphold would be thrown off. Next time you see a member of ASB, thank them for all of the after-school hours, dedication, and positive energy they invest in our school.

Written by Chloe Heinz

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