MC’s art corner: Natasha Orie

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

“I like art because you are the one that creates the art piece,” senior Natasha Orie said. “You get to make things and you can control the outcome. It’s you that produces the product.”

Orie has been in art classes periodically throughout her life and really enjoys creating projects.

“I took art classes outside of school when I was younger, and I have been in art since freshman year,” Orie said.

As a result of her inspirations, Orie is considering an art-related career for the future.

“I think I could have a career in art, but I wouldn’t want to be an actual artist where you make stuff and sell it,” Orie said. “I could have an art related career, but not something like street art.”

Recently at MC, Orie has been working diligently to create a different kind of piece that she is very excited about.

“I made a diorama,” Orie said.  “I used random clock parts and I glued them together and I used fluff and cotton balls to make clouds and cloud animals.”

Orie calls this a cloud machine. It took her about a week to make during her art class at MC.

“I wanted to experiment with different textures and match them with the mechanical parts of the clock and the soft fluffy part of the clouds,” Orie said. “It was sort of a contrast inspiration.”

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

She put a lot of work into this project, and really enjoyed it, especially the fact that she made tangible creations out of cotton fiber.

“Making the animals was fun,” Orie said. “I had to first use wire and make little skeletons. Then I covered it with cotton balls.”

Though developing creatures from scratch was enamoring, there were also things about the project that she struggled with.

“[The hardest part] was probably coming up with the idea,” Orie said. “I didn’t really know what I was going to do for a while. Then my teacher said that I should make a diorama, so I didn’t have much to go on.”

This project is just one of the many Orie has done, and will do throughout her life, that shows the depth of her artistic ability.

Written by Tatum Tricarico

Tatum Tricarico is a staff member on the MC Sun and is the unofficial video editor assistant. She is having trouble writing this bio because her awesomeness is so overwhelming and could not possibly fit in such a small space!

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