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The freshman with a trick up his sleeve

The transition from middle school to high school can be very intimidating, especially if you’re new to the school district. But it was nothing but smooth sailing for freshman Noah Barario.

“When I was in 8th grade I was kind of lonely. I started doing magic with the few friends I had, but they gave up because they didn’t know what to do, but I was still interested in it because I liked performing for people with all the crazy reactions I got.” Barario said.

Barario quickly realized he had a knack for magic so he decided to pursue it relentlessly.

“In the summer I grew out of doing weak tricks and I started going up to strangers every day in Mira Mesa.” Barario said.

Whether he is on the streets or in school, Barario is always learning and researching new ways to perfect his craft.

“I read a lot in books and sometimes I create tricks. I also research and see how other people do the tricks and I try to adapt it into my own way.”

Although new to the magic profession, Barario is not limited to only card tricks.

“I do different tricks, not just cards. I use balloons, money, and there’s a lot more. Sometimes on special days I’ll carry everything around with me. I carry balloons on me a lot.”

Barario has started practicing early for the MC talent show with the help of his parents.

“My parents are always trying to get me to do magic for my family. Sometimes it’s kind of bothersome when I’m trying to do my own thing. They’re always trying to help me. They’re my guinea pigs whenever I need to test new tricks,” Barario said. “I mess up a lot. That’s why I learn over time. Practice makes perfect.”

For Barario magic is only part of the fun. Being fully immersed in the student body is what he enjoys the most.

“[I like] meeting new people. I didn’t know one person from this school. I just love meeting new people,” Barario said. “I was a very awkward kid and I want people to go out and talk to other people. That’s why I’m teaching people these tricks, so they can go out into the world, learning how to do what I do. Because I was lonely then I met a bunch of people and they became my friends.”

Besides inspiring others to break out of their shell, Barario is ambitious about his career as a magician in the future.

“My biggest dream right now is to perform magic to a celebrity then hopefully that will evolve into performing at big parties. Right now I just perform at school and out in the streets,” Barario said. “I see myself still doing magic throughout high school, maybe in college, or even the rest of my life.”



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