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Yum Dim Sum

Mira Mesa, a hot spot for all things Asian and more, has opened a new Chinese restaurant on 10660 Camino Ruiz, San Diego.

Fung Fung Yuen is a Dim Sum establishment that opened on Aug. 8th in replacement of the local Home Town Buffet.

Dim Sum is a Chinese tradition where you grab a couple friends to snack on an assortment of various small hot and cold dishes that are usually steamed, while enjoying a relaxing conversation, usually accompanied with Jasmine tea.

It’d be impossible to ignore the appetizing dishes that they serve at Fung Fung Yuen. Ranging from noodle plates to dumplings, the menu goes on, offering a wide variety of foods that has yet to fail at satisfying one’s stomach.

Normally these vast flavorful options would cost a fortune but at Fung Fung Yuen their delectable meals come with cheap prices.

Photo Courtesy of Kirbie’s Cravings

From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look like your traditional Chinese restaurant or teahouse, but once inside, diners will be impressed by the layout and interior design that channels Eastern influence.

Not only is the place impressively decorated, it is extremely spacious with enough room that can occupy at least 360 customers.

Though the restaurant is appropriately decorated and roomy, if you can not speak Chinese, it could be somewhat difficult to ask for help. In short, guidance is scarce.

Along with this, Dim Sum novices can become very confused as of what and how to order. Dim Sum amateurs traveling with larger groups could induce a subtle chaos and stress that is undesired by customers who just want to forget the troubles of the day with delicious delicacies and friends.

While Fung Fung Yuen is aesthetically pleasing, and serves quality foods, these unnecessary problems are hard to overlook in the end.

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