Royal baby fever strikes again

Photo Courtesy|Associated Press
Photo Courtesy|Associated Press

The whole world waited with bated breath for the arrival of England’s second royal baby. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born at 8:34 a.m. on  May 2 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

As the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne of England, just ahead of her uncle, Prince Henry.

In celebration of the birth of a new heir to the throne, the whole country showed their patriotic support for the new baby. . These included a grand announcement and display of lights by London’s iconic BT Tower and the lighting of the Tower Bridge in pink.

A ceremonial town crier announced the birth of the princess to fans of the royal family and members of the media outside the entrance to St. Mary’s Hospital, and a royal bulletin announcing the birth was placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

The duke, duchess, and princess also received congratulations and messages from the “Queen’s Frigate”, a set of warships. The crew of the ships photographed their sailors spelling out the word “SISTER”.

Photo Courtesy|
Photo Courtesy|

Amazingly, more than 2,000 babies share the same birthday as the new Princess. These lucky British children will be eligible for a special commemorative silver £5 coin created by the Royal Mint.

The Isle of Man Post is marking the special occasion with a collection of envelopes, stamps, and a celebration folder. This is a similar collection to the one released for the birth of Prince George.

Before the birth of the princess, Kate Middleton’s hometown, Bucklebury, was reportedly extremely excited for the arrival of the royal baby and were enthusiastically preparing for upcoming celebrations.

Prior to the birth of the princess, many people were attempting to determine details of the pregnancy. In order to attempt to guess the name and gender of the newborn, one betting site, Ladbrokes, introduced the world’s first “Barkingham Palace Gold Cup” in London and pitted 10 adorable corgis against each other.

The family has also received multiple gifts from influential political figures from around the world, including clothing from the president of Israel, stuffed toys from Australia, and a maternity package from Finland.

As the royal family welcomes their newborn princess, citizens of England and admirers from around the world will continue to flood Buckingham Palace with their support and congratulations. The whole world ensured that Charlotte truly received a welcome fit for a princess.

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