The gem that is King’s Coffee

Photo Credit | Francesca Hodges

The last time I wound up at the corner of Espola Road and Twin Peaks Parkway was in my short-lived soccer career at the North County Soccer Park. Going  back there this past weekend to visit The King’s Craft Coffee Company, I drove past the old smoothie store and residential houses that border on Poway ranchland. This location seemed unassuming for a trendy dig, but I was pleasantly surprised upon walking to King’s Craft.

The King’s Craft is an almost oasis, standing out from the surrounding plain wooden buildings.  Upon entering the threshold, I was greeted with an immense amount of natural light, the room’s features turning soft. The majority of the room was taken up by the large kitchen area, the white granite and varying shades of wood made it look like an HGTV dream house. The kitchen was filled with the typical modern coffee house staples: Chemex 6-Cup pour over glasses and a wooden tower with glass orbs for cold brew. The remaining room was filled with large antique leather armchairs, low tables, and mish-mashed bar stools. Exposed light bulbs hung down from the ceiling; the golden-yellow lights resembled fireflies. It is small additions like these that make spending time in The King’s Craft a royal experience. The sort of farm-chic aesthetic made the room feel comforting, yet still sophisticated enough to make it seem like an occasion. Dotted around the room, planters ranging in sizes gave real life to the room.

Photo Credit | Francesca Hodges

The menu had a wide range of choices, but not too many options to be overwhelming. The coffee choice was typical including your normal lattes, americanos, espressos, etc. What caught my eye was the specialty summer menu, with enticing gems such as lavender mochas, chamomile chais, and in-house belgian waffles. My partner and I will surely be back soon to sample the specialty menu. The baked goods display case was also full of charms, brimming with blueberry muffins, dried-fruit scones, and lemon-poppy seed loaves (which texture was simply cloud-like). My partner and I both decided on a type of chai– vanilla and spiced– and both flavors were pleasantly subtle, not overpowered by the usual bitter taste of caffeine. The drinks were smooth, and the sweetness stemmed from house-made syrups that tasted floral and light rather than just straight sugar.

The whole staff were extremely cordial, and took time out of their work day to stop and actually hold small conversations with customers.

In comparison to local coffee chains and other small hip bars, King’s Craft is of same or higher quality product at a much lower price. It is the perfect option for a pleasant time, without breaking the bank.

As I finished my chai, I looked around King’s Craft and noticed the others in the building. A mish mash of locals, businessmen hard at work wearing casual Friday attire, and small Bible study groups. These lucky people are among the few who have stumbled across the gem that is King’s Craft. With such a pleasing atmosphere to meet with friends paired with tasty bites and drinks, the community of King’s Craft is sure to grow.

Photo Credit | Francesca Hodges

Written by Francesca Hodges

Francesca is a senior and currently a photographer and a Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Sun. She enjoys studying astronomy and watching period pieces. At MC, she is involved in Peer Counseling, Friendship Club, and the field hockey team. In the future she plans on attending UC Berkeley to major in Global Studies.

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