Breakfast craze hit students, old and new restaurants gain ground

It is a truth universally acknowledged that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Intoned on us from many a cheery mother advertising Honey-nut Cheerios and Cap’n Crunch, we’ve been taught that a good breakfast is the key to healthy and happy, bodies, minds and souls.

And it seems that the youth of the world are taking notice. From the simplest of Starbucks’ to the most lavish of feasts breakfast is the new craze for MC students.

Partially attributed to the late start schedules and crazy star tests, many students have found local breakfast joints with which to give in to their cravings.

Perhaps the most popular for a quick bite is the Starbucks/ Golden Bagel combination in the shopping center by school. Completely swarmed by upperclassman on late start Fridays, they offer decent food and coffee for not a large price.

However, when students have a little more time, they’re likely to hit up The Original Pancake House. The portions are big enough to feed a small country, or the hungriest of teenage boys.

The Original Pancake House boasts stacks of any kind of pancake imaginable, from the delectable Apple Pancakes, to the puffy Dutch Baby it’s sure to hit your sweet tooth. However, they also offer more savory options including a 6 egg omlette that could feed at least three.

The Broken Yolk is a new candidate in the race for the best breakfast, offering mildly good food for a mildly cheap price. The real star of the menu is the blueberry muffins often given as sides for their larger entrees.

A bonus in proximity to school but not much else, IHOP in Carmel Mountain offers mediocre food, service, and ambience, and unless its free pancake day, will most likely be fairly empty so one can be sure they get their breakfast when in a time crunch.

A smaller place, Nutmeg Café in Sabre Springs offers more unique cuisine for more health conscious teens. The smaller breakfast menu offers farire from “The Hippie” an organic greek yogurt parfait, to local blueberry waffles and gluten free pastries. Nutmeg also offers a Saturday brunch with a vastly changing menu, should breakfast cravings ensue during the weekend.

Whatever the choice, Breakfast is gaining ground, and students everywhere are enjoying the most important meal of the day. So sit up, drink that OJ and start your day off right.

Written by Danielle Damper

Senior Danielle Damper is the current co-Editor-in Chief of The SUN. Danielle also enjoys being the co-president of both Coffeehouse Culture Club and Creative writing club. An amateur spelunker and full time glitter aficionado, she spends her free time taking long walks on the beach, eating wonderful vegetarian food, and listening to that one band you've probably never heard of. After high school, she plans on majoring in Emoji studies with a minor in metaphysical comma usage.