“One Way Trigger” takes The Strokes in a new direction



Let my just start by saying this: I am a die-hard Strokes fan. I follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and I frequently check and their website to hear any possible updates or new tracks or even rumors that a new track is coming out. So let’s just say that when front man Julian Casablancas tweeted on Tuesday a link to their new song “One way Trigger” I was overjoyed.

Let’s just say upon listening I did not get what was expected.

Part of the allure of The Strokes is the gravelly, deep, jarring vocals of Casablancas set to the mildly hypnotic background of guitarists of Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi. However, “One Way Trigger” takes a quarter-turn with Casablancas singling mainly in a sky-high falsetto.

When I first listened to it, I was appalled and couldn’t get past the change. However, with my second, third, fourth, and fifth listen, I heard the core of what makes The Strokes so amazing.

Yes, the song is sung mainly in falsetto, but every now and then Casablancas’ voice drops and Fabrizzo Moretti fills the empty space with fills and the effect is simply hair-raising.

The new track also explores a more expansive use of the synth pop/ electronica feel already alluded to in “First Impressions of Earth” and “Maccu Piccu.” Also prevalent is the peppy brightness heard in “Someday” that makes “One Way Trigger” perfect for driving with the top down.

The song is currently available for free download on The Strokes website as the teaser for their new album Comedown Machine, coming out March 26th.

If “One Way Trigger” is anything like the rest of Comedown Machine , then we’re in store for a change of pace. And I Cant wait.

Written by Danielle Damper

Senior Danielle Damper is the current co-Editor-in Chief of The SUN. Danielle also enjoys being the co-president of both Coffeehouse Culture Club and Creative writing club. An amateur spelunker and full time glitter aficionado, she spends her free time taking long walks on the beach, eating wonderful vegetarian food, and listening to that one band you've probably never heard of. After high school, she plans on majoring in Emoji studies with a minor in metaphysical comma usage.