BTS Takes LA by Storm with “Permission to Dance On Stage” Performances

The worldwide famous South Korean boy band BTS took Los Angeles by storm as they performed throughout the City of Angels in late November. BTS, short for Bangtan Soyeondang or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English, totaled four sold out nights at the newly built SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. 

The concert made accommodations for both online and live audiences. Regardless of either method of viewing the performance, fans were still required to be present in Los Angeles. The online viewing holds the audience in the Youtube Theater while the live show is broadcasted to the viewers. The broadcasting is shown in 4k screening for ensured viewing quality.

BTS Performs “Life Goes On” at SoFi Stadium

The live performance viewers who are present in the SoFi Stadium get to watch the boys perform right in front of them. Rather than having the show broadcasted to the audience, those that paid to watch the group live get to see all seven members right in front of their eyes. 

At the concert, most of the merchandise is from BTS’s last tour before quarantine titled “Map of the Soul: ONE.” At the merchandise booths, audience members can purchase items such as hoodies, cushion covers, and ARMY bombs. 

Named after the boys’ fanbase, ARMY, the ARMY bombs are lightsticks that are able to sync with the show. Before the performance, audience members can enter their seat information into an app that pairs with the lightstick. Then, during the show, the ARMY bomb illuminates accordingly with the person’s seat. With these lightsticks, the seats can put on different light shows, spell out various words, and more. All the lights are formatted differently each tour, leaving a surprise for fans, even ones that have already attended previous concerts.

ARMY Bombs Spelling “BTS” at SoFi Stadium

The lights were not the only surprise that BTS had in store for ARMY. During the concert at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, popular musician, Megan Thee Stallion joined BTS in order to perform their remix of the boys’ hit song, “Butter.” BTS’s setlist included various songs of different genres like mellow and softer songs such as “Blue and Grey” to very upbeat songs like “IDOL.” 

After two years of not performing, the Bangtan Boys are making a comeback with their Los Angeles performances. BTS will be performing for one more night on December 2nd, live at the SoFi Stadium and online for the Youtube Theater.

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