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Uma Vaingankar

Uma Vaingankar is a junior and the Centerspread editor. She is a free spirit and spontaneous soul and enjoys spending her free time in the out doors. She likes going on hikes and spending all day soaking up the sun at the beach with her friends during the summer. She says that cliff-diving at Sunset Cliffs was the most memorable and dare-devilish thing she has ever done. Uma has been part of the varsity Cross Country and distance Track & Field team since her freshman year and is very close with her team mates. Her favorite memory from Cross Country was when she and her fellow sophomores won their grade-division title at the MC Moving Shoes invite last year. She aspires to get an MBA and open up a bakery shop in her retirement.

Local Hidden Adventure Spots

Meandering through the trampled hiking trails of Torrey Pines while inhaling the scents of the ocean air is not an uncommon occurrence during the weekend of an outdoorsy San Diegan. Despite the breathtaking beauty that our coasts offer, hidden paths and adrenaline-inducing hikes that are intermingled within our community too …

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Review: DigiPill A-

Sleep: we resisted it as kindergartners and we cherish it as high schoolers. Finding time to relax has become a lot more difficult than it used to be; after finishing homework at midnight, I force myself to doze off in order to get as much sleep as I can before …

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The Mysteries of Laura

Originally adapted from a Spanish television series, The Mysteries of Laura is taking hold of NBC this fall. The comedy-drama series depicts the life of homicide detective Laura Diamond, portrayed by Debra Messing. She works for the New York Police Department while simultaneously rearing rowdy twin boys. The show also …

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Con

In recent months, almost everyone with an Instagram can’t scroll down their feed without escaping an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge posted someone whom they follow. The Ice Bucket Challenge entails this: Pour a bucket of freezing ice water on yourself and nominate several people to do so as well. If …

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Spirit week taking flight

To continue on with spirit week, students and teachers on campus have dressed up as Carl from Pixar’s “Up”. Carl is the adorable old man and protagonist in the movie. Even teachers, for example Mr. Bird, decked himself out with a comb-over, suspenders, glasses, cane, and even a balloon. Tomorrow …

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Review: The Conjuring- B

For those who like sitting on the edge of their seat and shutting their eyes in fear, The Conjuring is quite a good fit. Although I generally find “exorcism” type movies unrealistic and somewhat stupid, this movie definitely made my heart skip a few beats. Instead of having random loud …

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