The Mysteries of Laura

Originally adapted from a Spanish television series, The Mysteries of Laura is taking hold of NBC this fall.
The comedy-drama series depicts the life of homicide detective Laura Diamond, portrayed by Debra Messing. She works for the New York Police Department while simultaneously rearing rowdy twin boys.
The show also features Josh Lucas as Jake Broderick, Diamond’s soon to be ex-husband and new captain.
The premiere of the show was aired strategically after the finale of America’s Got Talent, and racked up over ten million viewers.
However, both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic gave the show just above a 30% rating, indicating that the show had generally unfavorable reviews.
Despite these disparaging ratings, the premiere last Wednesday gained so many viewers that it was named television’s most watched series since the launch of Believe, according to
Some hope that the plethora of well-versed actors will make up for this sad approval rating.
NBC is about to get Messing again. This fall marks the return of NBC alum, Messing, who plays the protagonist in the series. She’s is best known for her part in NBC’s Will & Grace, which concluded in 2006. Unlike before, Messing is taking on a new role that strays from her typical girl next door act. Instead, she portrays a bad-ass cop/soccer mom leading lady. Lucas has also been featured in many renowned movies, making both lead characters experienced actors.
Their veteran-status in showbiz makes fans and critics alike have high hopes that the show’s ratings will take an upward turn.
Additionally,, NBC’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’s leading lady, Mariska Hargitay, has promoted the show, making fans wonder if there be a crossover between the two series later in the season.

Written by Uma Vaingankar

Uma Vaingankar is a junior and the Centerspread editor. She is a free spirit and spontaneous soul and enjoys spending her free time in the out doors. She likes going on hikes and spending all day soaking up the sun at the beach with her friends during the summer. She says that cliff-diving at Sunset Cliffs was the most memorable and dare-devilish thing she has ever done. Uma has been part of the varsity Cross Country and distance Track & Field team since her freshman year and is very close with her team mates. Her favorite memory from Cross Country was when she and her fellow sophomores won their grade-division title at the MC Moving Shoes invite last year. She aspires to get an MBA and open up a bakery shop in her retirement.

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