Death at Wiz Khalifa’s concert results in cancellation

Wiz Khalifa’s tour scheduled to perform in locally on August 23rd, but this concert was subsequently cancelled in the wake of a backstage shooting at his San Jose venue.

According to, the victim was shot backstage at Khalifa’s concert just outside of San Jose. One source told TMZ that the victim was shot up to five times.

Though it appears that the victim and the shooter have no relation to Khalifa, he decided to cancel his subsequent concert that happened to be in Chula Vista.

Khalifa released a statement saying, “This was a senseless tragedy. Violence is never the answer.  My prayers go out to the victim’s family.”

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MC Senior Tia Tupuola had purchased tickets to go see the cancelled show.

“I was really bummed out because we had purchased pit tickets,” Tupuola said. “I was going to go with my brother and my best friend.”

Her brother called her with the news about the cancellation.

“I found out when I was getting dressed for the concert that the show wasn’t going to happen,” she said. “I was so excited because we got pit tickets, and the show was sold out.”

Many of the attendees wanted reimbursement for their tickets, including Tupuola.

“For my ticket and my brother’s ticket it cost $248. My brother just had to call Ticketmaster and they said that within the next few days he would get the money back.”

Overall, the drama after the shooting has subsided in terms of the concert cancellation. The fans were reimbursed for their purchases and Khalifa apologized on Twitter for the unfortunate event.

Despite this incident, all the other concerts for this tour will continue through November.

Written by Uma Vaingankar

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