Review: The Conjuring- B

ConjuringFor those who like sitting on the edge of their seat and shutting their eyes in fear, The Conjuring is quite a good fit.

Although I generally find “exorcism” type movies unrealistic and somewhat stupid, this movie definitely made my heart skip a few beats.

Instead of having random loud noises throughout the movie that made me practically jump out of my seat, The Conjuring had some blood-curdling screams that actually related to the story.

The plot line was quite intriguing, as it connected the events in the movie to past occurrences in the “haunted house”.

It was not just the type of movie with random scary moments that don’t connect.

There were times when I literally screamed out loud because of the building suspense. My heart was racing.

On the down side, I don’t think that I would have found the movie as frightening if I didn’t pay attention during the entire film. There were times when the plot moved a little too slowly for a scary movie.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson acted extremely well as the role of the “ghost-hunting” yet religious Warren couple. They probably played the best role in the entire movie. Their conflicts between their religious beliefs and their job fit in well with the plot line.

I was a little disappointed with Ron Livingston’s role as Roger Perron, the father of the household, but Lili Taylor, who played his wife Carolyn acted phenomenally as a possessed mother wanting to murder her children.

Overall I will admit that this was the first movie involving an exorcism that I actually enjoyed. If there was a sequel I would definitely consider watching it.

Written by Uma Vaingankar

Uma Vaingankar is a junior and the Centerspread editor. She is a free spirit and spontaneous soul and enjoys spending her free time in the out doors. She likes going on hikes and spending all day soaking up the sun at the beach with her friends during the summer. She says that cliff-diving at Sunset Cliffs was the most memorable and dare-devilish thing she has ever done. Uma has been part of the varsity Cross Country and distance Track & Field team since her freshman year and is very close with her team mates. Her favorite memory from Cross Country was when she and her fellow sophomores won their grade-division title at the MC Moving Shoes invite last year. She aspires to get an MBA and open up a bakery shop in her retirement.