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 Art is an integral, but often overlooked part of our basic thought process; without art, there is no creativity, and without creativity, innovation becomes impracticable. Such is the thinking behind MCHS Steam Club. “Art is involved in everything, and the creativity that comes from artistry allows for plans and ideas …

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Potluck Club: Dream no longer

A project a year in the making, Potluck Club begins to surface as senior SK Bost’s brainchild. “It came to me in a dream,” Bost said, “and I thought, hey, that would be a pretty cool idea if we could get [students] together.” After her subconscious proposed the idea, Bost …

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Ham radio club reaches new heights

They may just be a small group with an incredible talent, but MC’s Amateur Radio Club is taking student possibility to another atmosphere. Throughout the year the club puts focus on the creation of the perfect high altitude balloon, a component that takes a lot of hard work and spirit …

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Hike, spike, strike

All high schools have the club classics: drama, science olympiad, key club. For the most part, students will attend meetings so they can say they did something extra in high school. For MC, students have the opportunity to go beyond extra by involving themselves in rock climbing club, badminton club, …

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Fil-Am is Ful-Phil-ing

A night of dancing, singing, play performances, and food, all centered on the complex Filipino culture. On May 8, MC’s performing arts center hosted a group of over 100 people from all over the school district. “PCN or Filipino Culture Night is a night where we showcase our talents to …

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S.A.G.E at MC

One of the newest additions to MC’s club repertoire is S.A.G.E, or Student Advocates for Gender Equality. Founded by Anthony la Scala and Casey Castle, it has set out to leave a lasting mark on the student body. “We want to stop sexism within the school and discrimination towards people …

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