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Potluck Club: Dream no longer

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A project a year in the making, Potluck Club begins to surface as senior SK Bost’s brainchild.

“It came to me in a dream,” Bost said, “and I thought, hey, that would be a pretty cool idea if we could get [students] together.”

After her subconscious proposed the idea, Bost placed further thought  into the club’s formation.

“Teachers do [snack club] all the time but we don’t do it regularly, even though it doesn’t cost a lot of money for each person,” Bost said. “It’s just a rad time.”

Approaching fellow senior Hannah Arado, the two discussed ways in which they could use the club to enhance the MC community in an all-inclusive way.

“We wanted to make it multicultural,” Arado said. “What type of potlucks do people have around the world? Sharing food is the main thing.”

The process of creating a new club requires extensive dedication and involvement. Bost, who will be President of the club, is confident that potlucks will become a consistent occurrence on campus.

“We have an advisor, Mr. Phillips, and we will meet the last Friday of every month at lunch. There, we will eat and pass around information for the next potluck,” Bost said.

The club, of course, is built on a passion for food, and going into this project, Arado and Bost are looking forward to an eclectic spread of goods.

Whether people sign up to bring chips, bake cookies or buy take out for fellow members, food of all kind is welcomed with open arms. Club prospects can look forward to one thing for sure: “Lumpia,” Arado said. “Chicken Lumpia.”

Written by Laura Loomis

Laura is a senior at MC and news editor on the SUN staff. Besides a passion for chickens and ranch houses, she enjoys the unpredictable nature of life.

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