This year’s track fights and conquers

Morgan Turpin amidst an ASICS Track and Field Invite
Photo credit | Kristine Pham

Track is all about speed, endurance, and mental audacity.

Junior Jake Anderson is on MC’s track team and finds track comparable to any other sport in terms of intensity and how practice is structured.

“So [a regular practice] will usually start out with two laps on the track as a warm-up and then everyone splits off into their groups; [distance runners together, sprinters together, etc.],” Anderson said. “[We have track meets] two times a week with a meet on Thursday and invite Saturday”.

Jake Sandstrom giving his all on the track
Photo credit | Kristine Pham

Karthik Pradeep, also a junior on MC’s track team, enjoys track for its competitive nature.

“My goal every week is to get faster. It is hard pushing yourself to your limits but it is satisfying and fun,” Pradeep said.

Some might see track as an individual sport, however, the athletes that take part will tell you that this is not the case.

“We support each other a lot and push each other to go harder every week,” Pradeep said.

Anderson also understands the importance of emotionally supporting one another on the team.

“I hope to be a better teammate, if somebody is struggling a little I want to cheer them on,” Anderson said.

Every week in track is a fight to beat one’s previous records and to always get better.

Senior Katie Hawley and junior Sophie Jones face off against Rancho Bernardo in a long distance race
Photo credit | Jenna Nicolas

“[My goals every week] for speed workouts is to go as fast as I can, but on recovery days just make sure I will be feeling good for the upcoming meet,” Anderson said.

Just as any sport comes with fun, it also comes with hardship.

“[The hardest part about track] is the pain you have to experience during a speed workout [for example], and you just have to mentally push through it, which is hard,” Anderson said.

Overall MC’s boys track team has been thriving and killing the competition.

“We have been doing well this season, [and have gotten] medals at almost all of our invites,” Pradeep said.

However, this success has not come without struggle.

“[Challenges we have faced so far in the season are] the lack of seniors on the team and all of the injuries,” Pradeep said.

Overall, mental toughness is a great trait to develop on MC’s track team.

See them compete at Westview High School on May 3 at 3:00pm.

Written by Oskar Salminen

My name is Oskar Salminen and I am a junior at MC. I am 100% Finnish and have dual citizenship. Also, I love European cars.

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