Kieth Johnson wins coach of the week

Keith Johnson is the assistant coach for the varsity MC baseball that was recognized as coach of the week by the San Diego Padres organization for changing the way that baseball is played at MC.

Keith Johnson |
Photo Courtesy by 92129 Magazine

“I was a very humbling and an experience I will never be able to forget,” Johnson said. 

What was surprising for Johnson was the coach of the San Diego Padres called him personally to tell him.

“I was speechless, all I could  remember was saying ‘thank you’ over and over again,” Johnson said.

Johnson started think about doing the program by getting an idea from church saying to  make a difference in the community.

Keith Johnson | Photo Courtesy by 92129 Magazine

“I was just sitting in church when the priest challenged us to do more in our community. Then I had the idea to do cancer games to honor those who had cancer,”Johnson said.

It wasn’t hard for Johnson to get this idea from his head out to an actual plan.

“I went up to Coach Mueller and asked if I could start these games. He told me that his mom had cancer and the first year we wore pink and then on it’s own just kinda grew bigger and bigger,” Johnson said.

Maria Andrulonis and Kieth Johnson hollding the jersey dedicated to her |
Photo Courtesy by Kendra Couch Classic

Not only does Johnson put on cancer games but at the end of the games he would silent auction off the jerseys to raise  money for UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

By participating in  these games, Johnson said that these kids honor cancer victims and survivor. The jerseys are for people to remember the legacy that those who passed. Who left an impact on the world, the community and in people’s lives.

“They are making an impact  at such a young age and can continue on throughout their life  being good people in their community,” Johnson said.

Written by Kiahna Sales

Kiahna is a sophomore at MC, and a staff writer for the MC Sun. She is apart of the football team, basketball team, and track team. She loves dogs, drawing, and going to the beach.

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