Girls basketball welcomes in new members

Varsity girls basketball | Photo courtesy of Spencer

The MC girls basketball team defeated Granite Hills High School this past Thursday, Nov. 30. From the beginning the team brought their  A-game, ultimately beating the Eagles 39-17.

Throughout the game, the strong teamwork was apparent as the girls  included each player The veteran upperclassmen involved the newer freshman players.

Freshman students Lily Descans, Isabella Salado and Kaila Reyes are three freshman on the varsity team. These three girls have surpassed 13 individuals on the junior varsity team alongside those who were cut due to team capacity.

Regardless of the age gap found on the team, each player is said to be extremely inclusive.

“[The older girls are]  Always showing us what is right and wrong [during practice]” Salado said. “Our team is like a second family. We all have a tight bond.”

While each girl has different aspirations for the season, a common theme amongst the team seems to be improving their skills.

“One goal that I have would be to go the basket more” Descans said. “I need to be more of a threat as an offensive player”

Girls basketball at winter pep rally | Photo courtesy
of Casey Vigilia

Each player although approaching the situation differently, agrees that more practice is the key to improvement.

“My goals for the season are to stay calm under pressure and drive to the basket more, while still improving my jumper.” Salado said. “I plan on putting my 100% into everything such as practices and games.”

Overall, the freshman on varsity feel a serious amount of intensity.

“It’s a lot of pressure but they give us a lot of feedback.” Reyes said. “In practice they are harder on us but it’s just to get you prepared for the game.”

Despite the pressure put on each individual, the girls are grateful for their position.

“I just want to say I’m super thankful for the opportunity.” Salado said.

With a long season ahead of them, the girls varsity basketball team are looking forward to the season and hope to improve this winter season.

Written by Lauren Bratcher

Lauren Bratcher is a sophmore staff writer for the MC Sun. She is an avid support for equal rights alongside a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community.

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