MC Girls varsity soccer team for the win

With a blow of a whistle and the stadium lights blazing, the MC  Girls soccer team began  their fight against Ramona High School. MC  won against the bulldogs with a  score of 2-0. With their first win of the season, it made all the difference to the team.

MCHS players planning their next move |
Photo Courtesy of Chianne Mallari 

Stephanie Ward, MC senior and central-defender, plans on having plenty of wins this season with the rest of her team.

“We played together as a team and fought for each other. We play to defeat and we scored which was a really big accomplishment, it was our first win, ” Ward said.

Many athletes say going into a game with a positive attitude is one of the most important things for success, and the Sundevils definitely brought it.

“I felt that our team came out really strong, we were all really excited,” Ward said.

Like all teams, the MC soccer team have a few things they could improve on. Senior Hailey Lange recognizes multiple things she would like to see happen.

“We just need to focus on working together as a team more, passing to each other, and a little bit better communication between players,” Lange said.

Goalie kicking away ball |
Photo Courtesy of Chianne Mallari

Goalkeeper and  senior, Abby Prager  believes staying concentrated and having a fierce mindset keeps them scoring.

“I think a lot of our strategy was to come out with a lot of intensity and really focusing on hitting on everyone’s feet and scoring,” Prager said.

“I’m looking forward on improving and seeing how long we can stay undefeated, also hopefully getting a couple wins in league and going to CIFs and seeing how far we can get in that,” Lange said.

On Saturday, Dec. 9th the Sundevils took part in the Barons tournament, and successfully won. Leah States and Ryah Hernandez, both sophomores, had scored with assists from Ward and sophomore Lexi Gentry. The score against San Diego High School was 2-1, which takes them one step closer to bringing home a CIF banner.


Written by Leyana Nabi

Leyana Nabi is a junior and the sunburn editor for the MC Sun. She's always down for a good laugh and is an avid fan of the Mamma Mia movies.

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