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Track prepares for their next meet

As MC continues with the spring sport season the track team prepares for their next meet.

“We are about to go into our fourth meet,” senior Tylan Moore said. “It is against Canyon Crest, and right now we have won one meet and lost the other. Everything’s going pretty well. We are working hard at practice and doing our best.”

The members of MC’s track team are working to do well this season. They all have to do a lot to prepare individually as well as prepare as a team.

“We are drinking a lot of water and I am icing my hamstring because I sprained it,” senior Tobe Ezeokoli said. “We did a lot of endurance type workouts so I don’t die while running the 400.”

Despite all the workouts and hard work the members have endured, they all enjoy it.

“It’s more fun this year, though, because I’m a senior,” Moore said. “Everyone seems more relaxed and it’s not so stressful.”

Many of the people involved have their favorite events to be part of that they have grown to like over the years.

“I like running the 400’s and competing against other fast guys and seeing where I’m at,” Ezeokoli said.

Though each person competes in individual events, they all work together to build the team up as a whole. The team support and helps each other throughout the season.

“Everybody really chips in, helps each other out and compliments all around and critique each other,” Moore said. “That’s just how we all get better.”

Right now many of the event teams are working towards various titles and awards. One of these is the four by four team.

“We are working towards getting our four by four team to state,” Ezeokoli said. “We are trying to get all our guys healthy. A couple guys are in trouble with grades so we are trying to get them on track, but if we are all healthy and are all able to compete we should be able to go to state this year.”

To reach this goal the teams need to have a good season here at MC and at all of their away meets too. So far this year, the team has had meets against four schools.

“We’ve gone against Oceanside, West view, Canyon Crest, and Cathedral,” Moore said.

The students on the team are learning how to do their best personally and as a team. Many of them accept the completive spirit and strive to do great things in track.

“I just want to be the best,” Ezeokoli said. “That’s what I train for.”

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Tatum Tricarico is a staff member on the MC Sun and is the unofficial video editor assistant. She is having trouble writing this bio because her awesomeness is so overwhelming and could not possibly fit in such a small space!

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