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Mike Andrews : a dark past revealed

Mike Cartoon1Mike Andrews may appear like a common teenager on the outside, however, deep secrets lay at the bottom of his inner soul.

The MC SUN conducted a private meeting with Andrews to delve into his past. Editor-In-Chief Sarah Briggs, explains her experience.

In the interview, Andrews indicated some of the crimes he had committed.

“When I was a child, of a mere ten years, I did something so wicked, so evil, that I have never told anyone about it to this day.” Andrews said. “I opened the fridge, and the ketchup bottle fell out. I knew I had done something terrible, and I just cleaned it up, hoping nobody would find out.” His parents never did, but the experience eats away at Mike’s soul daily.

That was the first of one of the many crimes he is suspected of partaking in, including spilling salt at the dinner table and stealing a dollar from his father’s wallet to give to a charity donation at school.

Recently, Andrews declared one of his past illegal activities to senior Katy Armanov, a close acquaintance.

“I haven’t told this to anyone, please keep this a complete secret”, Andrews said. “This was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. It was during a test, and the teacher said no pencil on the test. That day, I was running late to my bus, and [sniffle] I… I forgot my pen at home. I asked the person beside me, Daniel, if I could borrow a pen.” Andrews continued.

“I took the pen and started, and the moment the pen touched the paper, I felt guilty. The feeling that I was using someone else’s ink, and that I was slowly draining it kept on bugging me. With every stroke of the pen, I had these horrible pangs of guilt that raced through my body.”

“By the end of the test, the pen had about 1000 words left before it was due to run out. As the bell rang and everyone left class, I sat there, debating whether to give it back and face the consequences of using his pen, or to never give it back, and get away with it.” Andrews said.

He never gave it back. Instead, Andrews pocketed the pen and took it home where it still resides in the middle of his desk. Andrews admits the sinking feeling he faces every day when he passes by the pen.

“It was a horrible crime, and one that will never happen again from me. It was the worst decision of my life.” Andrews said.

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