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Boys Volleyball sets further into winning streak

Zac Solomon | Photographer
Zac Solomon | Photographer

Volleyball is a common sport that has become very popular over the years, even to the point of becoming an Olympic sport. Volleyball has been contested as an indoor sport at the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. For those who don’t know how to play this 50 year old sport, it is a six on six battle with a seven foot net in between. There are three types of hits, the bump, the set, and the spike.

Patricia Malta is the boys varsity coach for MC, and she is optimistic of the team this year.

“I feel much better about our team this year,” Malta said. “Last year, I started with 4 sophomores, and now they have another year of practice and experience, so this team is a lot better.” Malta said.

“This year, we have 12 freshmen on the freshman team, and one freshman, two juniors, and eight sophomores on the JV team.” Malta said.

According to Coach Malta, the increased experience on the teams will yield them more victory in their games coming up.

Also, there is a change of strategy for the games.

“I’m doing a little more technique practice, and focusing on that, so that they can use the skills they learn in the games.” Malta said.

Even though the coach and the team stack up pretty well, the opposing teams are better too.

“Westview is always good, and Torrey Pines is good too. Our league is really tough, but I think we can pull through. We should be able to compete well with everyone except maybe Rancho Bernardo,” Malta said.IMG_8119

“The volleyball team is right up there with the competition, and the result of the battle is just how we play that day.” Malta said.

They can only succeed in the matches if they can go to the games, and to do that the team need money. This is a real challenge, because they don’t get any money from the school.

“We do basketball snack bar, and a snack bar when we have home games.” Malta said. “We also do a couple of fundraiser dinners, one at Wings N’ Things, one at Oscar’s.” Malta said.

Coach Malta is very happy with this year’s team.

“Overall, it’s a great group of kids.” Malta said “They’re fun to coach, and they really get along, so it’s enjoyable to coach them and I’m looking forward to an exciting year!”

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