Gymnastics off the balance beam

Photo By Zac Solomon
Photo By Zac Solomon

Many in the making, young girls start gymnastics at the age of three. Their parents take them to constant competitions and practice for up to 16 hours a week. The grueling competitions are composed of vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. The event that is most popular is the vault which involves running at a wood block at the fastest speed you can sprint. Perform this while doing as many spins and twists possible with still sticking your landing, taking no further steps forward than required. The grading system is based on judges who deduct points from your score of 10.

An example of an Olympic gymnast in the making is sophomore at MC Carter Clatterbuck. “I practice daily for about three hours since I was three years old, and since I’m an optional I practice in all the events” Clatterbuck said.Practicing these events require constant will and devotion to the sport.

Freshman Corrina Lewis shares the same dilemma as she to

o practices in all four events.

“I found that it set you apart from everyone else because it takes excessive effort to be the best. Once you discover you’re not alone you meet plenty of people and friends.” Lewis said.

Photo By Zac Solomon
Photo By Zac Solomon

What most people overlook is the time and dedication to gymnastics. People spend up to three hours of their day to practicing and their full dedication to try your best. Coaches are your leaders and your dictators. Students must completely follow their coach’s orders trusting that they know best. This complete obedience to athletics shows the true nature of the sport.

Another truth to gymnastics that many don’t see is the teamwork involved.

“Even the people on the bench or waiting in the stands are a huge help,” Senior Rene Bulda said. Interest sparks when discovering that a single person sport requires teamwork. The teamwork involved is important and changes everyone, and puts them into a greater mood.”

The team’s first meet is on Friday and many of the competitors are ready for their opening day. “It’s just a practice meet but everyone seems pretty excited” Lewis said.

MC offers many sports such as golf, baseball, football and more, but the gymnastics team tells what true dedication is to a sport accumulating over 18 hours cumulatively per week. Students represent MC their greatest with all of their hard work and dedication to athletics.

Written by Dominique Barrett

Dominique was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She moved to San Diego her freshman year and started off high school as a Sundevil. She's played volleybal for the school since she's been here and is now on Varsity, she also joined staff as a sophomore. By her junior year she was appointed to the News editor. Another accomplishment would be when she was chosen to be a Sundevil Standout her sophomore year. Dominique has had a colorful Sundevil experience and looks forward to many more.

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