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Cheer kicks off new season

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

With the school year starting up, MC’s cheer team has started practices and working as a team.

“I like the sport, because I think it’s a lot of teamwork, but in our program I like that we are all really close and we have done a lot this year and really come together,” cheer captain Kiera Mooney said.

Mooney is one of three new team captains MC has this year; they’ve already assumed their roles and have been working on routines.

“We just finished working on our performance for the pep rally on Friday, and then after that we will have to start working on our Homecoming performance,”  fellow team captain Alexis Canedo said.

The cheer team also went to an extensive summer cheer camp before school started this year.

“That was a pretty good experience,” Mooney said. “We learned new stunts and dances. We also learned new cheers and preformed them in front of other people and we worked with other schools to come up with different routines to preform to people at camp.”

With the season starting up, many cheer members strive to make this year their most memorable yet.

Marianna McMurdock | Photo Editor

“We are trying a lot harder this year to make an image for ourselves,” Canedo said. “We are going to try to make the school like us more so I am excited for that.”

Mooney also expressed her excitement in starting off the new season.

“[I’m most excited for] the football games, of course,” Mooney said. “Right now I am excited for a pep rally but overall the football games.”

Though they are excited, there are also things that the captains think will be challenging.

“The hardest part is that I have to yell at them to shut up and they don’t always do it and they always get mad when we yell at them,” Canedo said. ” We do have to yell at them, but they don’t listen to us.”

Mooney feels similarly to Canedo in these situations.

“[The hardest thing] as captain is getting everybody to be focused because sometimes, we have a lot of friends on the team, so everybody is super close, so a lot of talking goes on,” Mooney said. “Trying to just make the line between being friends with everybody and being captain and telling them to really focus when they need to.”

The team is looking forward to the season ahead and is ready to show MC how important cheerleading is to them.

“Cheerleading is important because it is nice to have someone there cheering and getting the crowd excited because I know that it pumps up the team to hear the whole school yelling for them,” Canedo said.

Overall, the team is quickly jumping into the new season.

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