Wrestling team opens season hoping for CIFs


With a new season starting once again, the MC wrestling team eyes the prize.

“The team’s goal is hopefully  to be CIF champions, that’d be good,” senior Nathan Ward said. “[To do that we need to] train hard and just grind out the season and have a good season.”

For Ward, a good season means doing the best that he can.

“I want to place top three at CIFs and go to masters,” he said. “Hopefully, if I do really well I’ll place in masters and then go to state.”

Senior Yama Fahim also holds similar goals.

“[I plan on] winning CIFs and placing in masters to qualify for state,” Fahim said.

Just last weekend the varsity team competed in a big tournament.

“We were all right, it was a tough tournament, there were about 50 teams there and a bunch of teams from out of state were there,”  Fahim said. “We placed 13. Of the team, we had three guys place.”

Senior Tom Hawley struggled at the tournament.

“Last weekend I went two and two and I didn’t place,” Hawley said. “I had a really tough last match.”

For the wrestling team, a  bad performance only means working harder. Hawley plans on overcoming his defeats and succeeding at future matches.

“I hope to place at CIFs at the end and place at as many tournaments as I possibly can,” he said. “[I’m going to be] pushing myself when my opponent are not working or when they’re giving up.”

An advantage the team holds is familiarity.

“We have lot of returning guys so we’re more experienced this year,” Ward said.

Although the team did not lose many seniors from last year, the team’s lineup is becoming a minor complication.

“We’re starting the season weird since we’re bumping people up weight class,” Hawley said.

“Some guys are not being in the right weight class, so we got to bunk somebody out,” Fahim said.

The team still is strong and hopes to accomplish much.

“I think if we get that stuff settled out later on in the season we’ll have a more solid lineup,” Hawley said. “I think we have a pretty good chance of placing or even winning CIFs.”

“We hope to do that by keep on training hard, like the way we’re doing right now,” Fahim said.

When it comes to training and working hard, the wrestling team has it all down.

“[We] train hard, no off days, and we have practice,” Ward said. “After practice a lot of guys stay after and work out more and just try to be as well prepared as we can.”

Written by Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy is the Editor of the most entertaining section, the Entertainment section. Raised by wolves, he is always hungry for another taco. He plans on attending either Oxford College or Cambridge University. He aspires to be the first human to visit Saturn. His favorite meal is burritos and churros. He is a Senior.

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