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Houston underwater after devastating hurricane

As Houston and southeastern Texas are left damaged and devastated, Hurricane Harvey stalled for its second landfall, this time hitting southwestern Louisiana.

The category four hurricane has been running strong for six days, leaving 51.88 inches of rain as of Tuesday afternoon, August 29, 2017. This makes Harvey a record-breaking storm in the U.S.

Hurricane Harvey returned on Wednesday, August 30, as a tropical storm. As the hurricane moved into northern Louisiana it began to weaken. The following afternoon, the National Hurricane Center officially stated the storm moved into tropical depression, which is classified as a group of thunderstorms. Back in Texas, officials are concerned about water damage.

Crosby, TX is forced to face an even greater problem, as the floods set off two chemical explosions at Arkema Inc. The hazardous event sent up  30 to 40 feet of flames. The chemical power plant specializes in the production of organic peroxides used in paints and  plastic resin.  The unexpected explosion released toxic fumes that are potentially harmful, and as a result residents within a mile and a half were asked to evacuate. As of now, officials plan on letting the rest of the plant burn and degrade because there is no way to put it out.

Ariel shot of Houston after the hurricane| Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

As the devastating natural disaster begins to die down, it leaves behind costly damage across southern Texas and several other states. Hurricane Harvey is the most expensive storm in U.S. recorded history. It racks up the damage costs of Hurricane Sandy and Katrina combined. Temperature and humidity are expected to cause illness, in return raising the medical costs. Destruction to the supply system will increase prices of food, water, and gas.

As Hurricane Harvey leaves a disastrous effect on the south, Americans have united to help fellow Texans by donating money to organizations like the American Red Cross, that will rebuild cities and help shelter evacuees in the meantime. In hopes of helping with expenses, celebrity and actor Kevin Hart created the Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge. Hart first took action by donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross. He proceeded to call out fellow celebrities on Instagram to help the cause. The Kardashians, Chris Brown, and DJ Khalid were quick to donate.

Although thousands of families are driven away from their homes and houses are torn from their foundations, natural disasters like these are devastating and call for Americans to stand together.

Written by Jana Ariss

Jana is a Senior at MC and the Co-Editor in Chief of The MC Sun.

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