San Diego’s new Chief of Police

San Diego’s previous Chief of Police,
Shelley Zimmerman with fellow officers|
Photo courtesy of The San Diego
Union Tribune.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has appointed officer David Nisleit, 52,  as new San Diego chief of police. After launching a national search for the best candidate Nisleit was “the perfect candidate” for the job, serving the police force for 30 years prior. According to City Pension Data Collection, the previous long-time chief, Shelley Zimmerman,

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will receive up to $898,900 following her departure. Zimmerman has held the position since 2014,will be leaving come the beginning of March, due to a five year limit of the city’s deferred retirement option program, DROP.

In order to prepare for Zimmerman’s departure, a three-stage interview process, six community forums, and an online survey was conducted. While 24 community leaders aided in interviewing chief candidates, they only provided feedback to the mayor. Additionally, they are unable to vote or eliminate any one, and the final decision is from  the mayor.

New position holder David Nisleit has only recently strived to hold this new job position. He has always loved being a part of the police force and its community. His father, Randy Nisleit, is a 35- year San Diego police officer who retired as captain in 1999. Alongside his dedicated father, Nisleit’s son recently graduated from the police academy and his uncle holds an officer position in Wisconsin.

David Nisleit standing
with his son (middle) and father (left)|
Photo courtesy of Telemundo20

“It is truly an honor and I’m blessed and humbled to be the 35th Police Chief of the San Diego Police Department,” Nisleit said.

San Diego’s new chief of police, David Nisleit, strives to bring crime rates down and ultimately better the community. He will run the police department and direct the city in the direction of success. Nisleit is honored to posses the title chief of police and work towards bettering the community.

Written by Lauren Bratcher

Lauren Bratcher is a sophmore staff writer for the MC Sun. She is an avid support for equal rights alongside a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community.

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