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Coyotes attempt to reclaim their home

Coyotes have recently made avid attempts to reclaim the neighborhoods of Carmel Mountain Ranch. In the midst of their efforts, they are threatening the lives of the community’s pets as restitution.

According to CBS8, dogs have been targeted since the neighborhood was built. However, in the past few months, the number of coyote reports has been increasing at an alarming rate.

“Our neighbor saw the coyote jump out at about 4:30 in the morning. She [her dog] was there, just laying on her side half-eaten with organs all over,”  CMR resident, Cathy said.

Coyotes sighted in neighborhoods
Photo Courtesy of 10News

Incidents such as this one have caused neighbors to unite through the online neighborhood forum, NextDoor Carmel Mountain, which allows homeowners in the area to inform others of coyote sightings and attacks.

“Our [six] year old [six pound] female Yorkie Terrier “Zoe” was snatched out of our backyard,” resident of Carmel Mountain, Tom Hausherr said.

To prevent any others from losing their beloved pets, NextDoor enables people to warn their fellow neighbors of coyote sightings.

“A coyote was in the grass area of the cul de sac of Shoal Summit about 8:15pm,” NextDoor CMR user, Jay Erickson said. “Last seen walking down the fire road heading to Sorbonne. Keep your pets indoors!”

Another Carmel Mountain neighbor sent an informative attached article in an email filled with coyote safety tips to multiple of her neighbors.

“If you see a coyote in your yard or neighborhood, ALWAYS haze them away. […] Throw rocks or tennis balls in the coyote’s general direction, not to hit, but to frighten,” said Carrie Tatro, writer of How Stuff Works. “NEVER become indifferent to hazing or the coyote could lose it’s natural fear and become habituated.”;

As coyotes continue to infiltrate the neighborhoods of Carmel Mountain Ranch, residents are starting to wonder whether or not they have a right to haze the coyotes away from the place they used to unapologetically call home.

Written by Cori Dill

Cori Dill is a senior at MC and the web editor and the impromptu HR of the MC Sun. She is most likely to be found at a coffee shop, drinking unhealthy amounts of caffeine.

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