Amazon’s New Endeavor

Amazon’s new store is based on a grocery store model.

From the birthplace of the universally- loved website Amazon comes an intriguing take on the traditional convenience store. Amazon Go, the latest of billionaire tech mogul Jeff Bezos’ creations, is a futuristic mini-mart hinged on the Amazon mobile app.

Upon entry, customers are “signed in” using the user credentials taken from the Amazon app by gates at the entrances and exits. From this point, customers are invited to browse Amazon Go’s offerings, which consist of traditional grocery store offerings, as well as stock from Amazon’s new partner, Whole Foods.

Surprisingly, the store is almost completely devoid of all employees. In fact, the only customer service employees that can be seen in Amazon Go are there solely as ID checking gatekeepers to the wine and beer aisle. In this same vein, Am

Similar to Whole Foods, Amazon Go’s offerings include prepackaged and fresh foods.

azon Go does not feature check out kiosks, but instead scans and subsequently charges items to customers’ Amazon accounts upon exit. Based on the efficacy of this technology, it is nearly impossible to shoplift from Amazon Go.

Amazon expects its new venture to become a fixture in Downtown Seattle, as many have cited it as the model of convenience and efficiency.

When contacted, Amazon representatives stated that they have no immediate plans to extend this business model to other locations, though it remains a possibility that they could potentially incorporate this innovative new approach to grocery shopping within Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Written by Katherine Resko

Katherine is a Senior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study English Literature in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

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