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Katherine Resko

Katherine is a Senior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study English Literature in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

Amazon’s New Endeavor

From the birthplace of the universally- loved website Amazon comes an intriguing take on the traditional convenience store. Amazon Go, the latest of billionaire tech mogul Jeff Bezos’ creations, is a futuristic mini-mart hinged on the Amazon mobile app. Upon entry, customers are “signed in” using the user credentials taken …

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AP Psychology Broadens Student Opportunities

In an effort to expand its course offerings and the diversity of its academic programs, MC has now introduced AP Psychology, a rigorous advanced placement course designed to provide introductory knowledge into the fascinating field of psychology. Taught by history and psychology teacher Mr. Rillo, AP Psychology is an engaging …

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STEM in Education

    From the very beginnings of our educational careers, our teachers emphasize the importance of the three R’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic. As we advance, it becomes apparent that these disciplines are not viewed as equally important. In fact, reading and writing, even humanities as a whole, are implicitly denoted as …

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Back to School Pep Rally 2016

This year’s welcome back Pep Rally started off in an Olympic fashion. The entire gym was filled with the energy and excitement of all the Sundevils here at Mt. Carmel. Our new Fall sports teams had their debut and were welcomed with thunderous applause and cheering. Students took part in …

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The myth of privacy

As technology becomes an increasingly significant presence in our everyday lives, many are beginning to express concern regarding privacy in this digital age. In the years that have followed the first globalized usage of the internet, there have been numerous instances in which individuals’ privacy and personal security has fallen …

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