AP Psychology Broadens Student Opportunities

In an effort to expand its course offerings and the diversity of its academic programs, MC has now introduced AP Psychology, a rigorous advanced placement course designed to provide introductory knowledge into the fascinating field of psychology. Taught by history and psychology teacher Mr. Rillo, AP Psychology is an engaging college elective directed towards advanced, highly motivated students seeking to better understand the inner workings of the human brain.

Because Psychology is a science hinged on human nature, as well as interpersonal interactions, it is important for students pursuing the subject to understand their own thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others. In order to understand the fundamental principles taught in the class, it is essential that students be self- reflective.

“I would like them [the students] to understand things about themselves”, Rillo said.

Despite being a somewhat specialized subject, psychology has significant practical application for all students, including those who do not intend to pursue psychology after high school

“One of the things we focus on for this unit is how we learn and how we remember. My goal for them, for this particular unit, is for them to be able to take all these and use it in all of their classes to help them be successful”, Rillo said.

As an introductory course, AP Psychology covers a full range of specialized topics that fall under the umbrella of general psychology.

“In the beginning of the year, we’re going over the science of psychology. There is a discipline, and there is a scientific method that needs to be followed. We’re learning the biases that human beings have, …learning and memory… we’ll do things on sensation perception, how you view the world, abnormal psychology, how you treat mental illnesses, and things like child development and how you get to be an adult and what that means to be an adult”Rillo said.

For those wishing to expound upon their understanding of the mind or those simply seeking to earn AP credits, AP Psychology is an engaging and thought-provoking course that offers many practical applications in both academic spheres and everyday interactions.

Written by Katherine Resko

Katherine is a Senior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study English Literature in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

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