Mandatory Credit: Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (8877450p) Lil Peep in the front row Balmain show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2018, Paris Fashion Week Men's, France - 24 Jun 2017

Lil Peep’s legacy lives on after death

On Wednesday, Nov. 15th, Gustav Ahr, more widely known as Lil Peep, passed away in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 21.

Though the authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of death, evidence suggests that he overdosed. This, however, cannot be confirmed until a toxicology report is released.

“[His death] appeared to be from an overdose based on the evidence found and no signs of trauma or foul play to his body,” Sergeant Pete Dugan from the Tucson, Arizona Police Department said.

A rising star in the emo and hip-hop music genres, Ahr talked openly about drug abuse and depression.

ANAHEIM, CA – SEPTEMBER 08: Lil Peep performs onstage during the Day N Night Festival at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on September 8, 2017  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

“I suffer from depression and some days I wake up and I’m like, ‘[…] I wish I didn’t wake up,'” Ahr said.

However, Ahr’s brother, Karl Ahr, who goes by Oskar, does not believe the overdose was intentional.

“It was an accident, it really was an accident,” Oskar Ahr said. “He was super happy with where he was in life.”

Though the overdose is being associated with the drug Xanax, the pills Gustav Ahr have taken may have been laced with other drugs.

“We [the family] have heard there was some sort of substance he did not expect to be involved in the substance he was taking,” Oskar Ahr, said. “He thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and he didn’t realize what it was.”

Gustav Ahr’s death is being considered a “suspicious death”, as Ahr was too young to die naturally, along with the various narcotics near his body.

The case is being continually investigated by the authorities, with the opioid fentanyl being suspected.

Though his career was relatively short, he made a significant impact in the emo and rap genres  and had a large fanbase. His legacy will live on in his music and with his many fans. A new memorial clothing line dedicated to Ahr has also been unveiled.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (8877450p) Lil Peep in the front row Balmain show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2018, Paris Fashion Week Men’s, France – 24 Jun 2017

Since his passing, various other artists have paid their respects and warned against the dangers of drug abuse.

“It’s unfortunate that Lil Peep had to die […], but these are the things people are gonna start seeing and keep happening if they don’t really relax and fall back,” fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa said.

After a short but bright life, Lil Peep will continue to influence others with his music for years to come.

Written by Isaiah Kim

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