Loco for Coco

Photo Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar’s new animated movie Coco, premiered in theaters on Nov. 22. The setting takes place in Mexico, during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday to celebrate the lives of past loved ones.

Coco is the first Disney film to put Mexican culture as its center subject. The movie tells the story of a young boy, Miguel, who has a love for music although is denied the opportunity to pursue his dream of being a musician by his family.

Not only has Pixar created an accurate setting for the story, but they also included cameos of famous Mexican figures of the past in animated form. Frida Kahlo, was one of the few who made it in the film, and her artistic skills and unique style are emulated perfectly in the film. El Santo, also made an appearance, as a Mexican luchador (wrestler).

The cast for the film was particularly selected with an all Mexican cast. Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, showcased his superb vocals, as seen in the movie.

Photo Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

Throughout the movie, Pixar emphasizes the importance of family while simultaneously highlighting  Mexican culture and customs.

The story was not only beautifully composed and well animated, the soundtrack was outstanding. The song “Remember Me” is the main theme for the film, and is heard throughout the movie with fantastic vocals by Anthony Gonzalez.

Coco was yet another amazing Pixar production that represented Mexican culture respectively and beautifully. The story was captivating and there was never a dull moment. It is a movie for everyone of all ages to watch and appreciate.

Written by Jenna Nicolas

Jenna is a senior at MC, and she is the Co-Editor in Chief as well as the Photo Editor for the MC Sun!

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