Request for Scottish independence sparks controversy

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Scottish independence has been a possibility for several years. Recently, Scotland requested a vote for independence from the UK. Residents of ages sixteen or older are permitted to cast votes.

There are no hard feelings or disputes between England and Scotland, merely a nationalistic urge for independence. However, England does urge Scotland to remain in the UK for economic reasons. Scotland has no concrete economic plans.

Heidi Ippolito, an American grad student at St. Andrews University in Scotland, reports the feelings of the Scots toward the divide.

“After having small chats here and there, overhearing conversations, seeing flags and pins floating about, etc…everything seems to be divided down the middle,” Ippolito said.

Several of Scotland’s political figures oppose the divide because they think it could endanger Scotland’s economy and make it harder to control the government. Trade from the North Sea is a main source of income for Scotland, and their economy could be jeopardized by this seemingly rash decision to separate from the UK.

Since the Scottish economy contributes to the economies of other European countries, European powers are skeptical of the divide and most oppose the idea. Global economy is also at risk of being affected considering the delicate balance between countries involved in trade with the UK.

Roughly half the Scots are opposed, and half are trusting their leaders with this crucial decision. The people opposing the divide support the “Better Together” campaign, urging Scots to vote to assure economic and political stability.

Although the divide might be controversial, Scotland’s people are known for feeling separate from Britain’s society. The difference in cultures is a valid reason for the split, yet the repercussions could be fatal to Scotland’s economy. The currency would become separate, and the Scots would have to reestablish their country with new currency and political procedures.

Will Scotland put patriotism before a stable country? Or is economic instability the price the Scots pay for independence?

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