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Choir madrigal dinner

As a choir tradition, the Madrigal dinner, which the Classical and Bel Canto choir have been preparing for about one and a half months took place on Monday and Tuesday, the 16 and 17 of December, at the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church.

“The madrigal dinner is a medieval reenactment in which MC’s Classical Ensemble and Bel Canto choir students don medieval costumes and put on a dinner show for guests,” sophomore Xenia Chiarabini said. “The music is Renaissance style, and guests can enjoy a three course meal.”

The choir sang traditional ceremonial music like “Masters in this Hall,” “Gloucestershire Wassail,” “Carol of the Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” “Boar’s Head Carol,” and so much more during this dinner. They ended the evening with a concert of Renaissance madrigals and motets.

The students were decked in extravagant costumes which played different roles in the event.

“The singers were in full Renaissance costume which included a King and Queen, royal court, ladies in waiting and peasants,” the choir’s teacher Mrs. Martinez said.

Each member of choir had their own favorite number.

“My favorite song was ‘Silent Night,’” senior Emily Morris said. “I loved how this event brought together all the families to participate in a wonderful show.”

The singers also all had their own favorite part of the show.

“My favorite part was seeing all the parents smile and get involved with the masque and ‘The 12 days Christmas’ and doing all the crazy things that Bel Canto made them do,” sophomore Erin Horton said.

“My favorite part of this event is the bond I have made with everyone in choir,” sophomore Jennifer Welch said.  “Choir is an amazing thing full of great people and you learn more about the people when you do things like this, because you have to be a team and get things done.”

The venue was sold out for both nights, with 120 people each night. The choir hopes to continue  with this occasion.

“This event is something that the parents and community look forward to every year,” Martinez said. “It is great to watch the faces of the people who were attending for the first time.”

According to the people that participated in the madrigal dinner, the event was a great success.

“Mrs. Martinez trained us to be as wonderful as we are now,” Welch said. “She works really hard and this dinner was definitely a success because of her.”

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