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Guide to the holidays

By Marianna McMurdock and Uma Vaingankar

Do find an ugly sweater thrifting (the experience is half the fun)!
Don’t spend $70 on one from the Urban Renewal line.

Do host a holiday extravaganza.
Don’t show up without any food.

Do put a wreath on your door to serve as quality decoration.
Don’t put a wreath on your car (your motives will be questioned).

Do buy your grandmother a gift.
Don’t expect anything better than socks in return.

Don’t try to imitate Mariah Carey solos. Don’t.

Do make Christmas cookies!
Do eat all of them.

Do ride a sleigh.
Don’t ride a wrecking ball.


About Marianna McMurdock

Self-described as an "ardent archivist", Marianna is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Sun. When she is not despairing over her beloved television characters (Underwood and Holmes represent) she enjoys listening to movie scores, Andrew Bird, and Beyonce. She also serves the Sun as Photo Editor, and has been a self-taught photographer for four years. Her personal work is available at

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