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ASB elections announced, reveal changing approach

Ciro Gonzalez | Photographer
Ciro Gonzalez | Photographer

As the school year comes to a close, MC elects new members to serve on ASB for next year. MC’s new ASB president will be junior Winter Sherrod and vice president will be Christine Bradley. They both have made many plans for next school year to be great.

“I definitely want to work on getting more of the student body involved in ASB’s decisions,” Sherrod said.

Bradley also has a few ideas for next year that the ASB has talked about and will try to make happen. One idea that she has is for the next black light dance.

“We are thinking like a Nickelodeon slime rally for the welcome back or the black light rally, because we were going to do it this year but then we chose to do Star Wars instead,” Bradley said, “[Also] we want everyone to be involved.”

To get everyone involved, ASB has come up with ways to incorporate more people and are planning to implement them next year.  They are looking at making the student body’s voice heard above just the ASB’s ideas.

“We’ll definitely have more surveys on what you all feel would be better for us,” Sherrod said. “I know some people aren’t very fond of Hoop-coming and we’d be saying things like, ‘what would you rather have?’ [We will try to] really getting to know our student body better so we can make our decisions based on what you guys want, not just what ASB wants. ”

The girls are both excited to start the year and make it a great one.

“I think the most exciting event is the black light,” Bradley said.

Sherrod is also looking forward to next school year.

“I think I’m most excited about just getting more people involved and getting more people excited about being at school, not feeling like it’s a hassle to be at school and not feeling like their voice isn’t being heard,” Sherrod said . “I’m really big on making sure everyone is heard and trying to make decisions off of what everyone wants.”

Though ASB is exciting to them, the both also recognize that it will be a lot of work to get the school and ASB to where they want it to be.

“It’s a really big job,” Bradley said, “It’s a really important responsibility because I have to make sure everything gets done.”

Now that MC has elected its new members, the ASB is getting ready for next year and are trying to make it a great one.

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