Photographer | Marianna McMurdock

Homecoming 2013



This year’s Pixar themed Homecoming achieved high marks with many of the Mount Carmel students.  “It was definitely a different Homecoming than before. We integrated a lot of party like activities like popcorn candy and a plurality of game trucks,” senior ASB representative Kevin Macaraeg said.

In the past, the dance had just been held in the gym where the students spent their homecoming dancing. This year, along with the dance, game trucks were featured at the dance.

“It was really original and a lot of

Photographer | Marianna McMurdock
Photographer | Marianna McMurdock

fun. I spent some of the night playing Just Dance with my friends. It was really a great addition to the Homecoming dance,” senior Amelia Oross said.

ASB spent a long time trying to make this dance one for the books. “We spent a lot of time making the décor we picked Pixar because it was a fun theme and it worked perfect with the game trucks,” Macaraeg said.
In typical Homecoming fashion, many couples and groups took pictures and went to a nice dinner before the dance. “It’s my senior year and I really wanted this Homecoming to be special. My group got all dressed up to take pictures and go to dinner as usual, but we were really surprised by how great the dance really was. I don’t think I am alone in saying that this homecoming was one of the best dances MC ever presented,” Oross said.

This year, seniors Allen Goldich and Sydney Dong were crowned homecoming king and queen. The game the previous night against San Marcos was a win for MC adding to the Homecoming spirit.

“This was really an awesome Homecoming this year and I really hope that everyone had a good time. We incorporated many new features into the dance this year, really trying to make it something new and original,” Macaraeg said.

Written by Speedy Gonzalez

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