Remembering Kendal Williams

Kendal Williams was one of the most authentic and genuine people to walk this earth. She didn’t hold back, practicing radical honesty with all those around her. She knew how she felt and she wasn’t afraid to say it. It is a realness like this that set Kendal apart from the rest of the world. Kendal held much more compassion for the smaller things in life than the average person. At school, she frequently sat in front of the flower bushes by the language building, or laid down on the grass in front of the quad, looking at the clouds and reading. People she had likely never spoken to before would pass by and Kendal would look up at them and say “can you just believe how beautiful these flowers are?!”. She was so grateful for nature, and the gifts it gives us every day. When she went vegan, she made sure to preach her plant-based lifestyle. When she learned something new, she shared it. When she read a book she loved, she handed it to you for you to borrow and requested you let her know what you thought of it. 

In her element

 In class, you could find Kendal coloring her third page of the day with pens almost as vibrant as the energy she radiated. And yet, not a single coloring page ever got in the way of her exceptional academic high school career. Outside of school, you could find Kendal anywhere in San Diego. Whether it was the beach, cheer practice, Plant Power, or hanging out at home, Kendal was having a fulfilling time, living a busy life while making it look easy. After high school, Kendal had big plans. She recently received a presidential nomination to the Naval Academy and was planning on either going there or Army West Point. She had planned to live her life serving and protecting others and had been preparing for this throughout all of the high school and middle school. 

Kendal was friends with quite literally anyone and everyone. You won’t find someone that had a class with Kendal that didn’t come to know her heart and spirit. She strolled around the school, carefree yet so achieved, reminding everyone she saw that it was a beautiful day outside. Kendal reached people on all sides of MC. Our love for her, much like that of everyone else that knew Kendal, has everything to do with the way she made us feel. Compassionate, honest, loyal, free-spirited, determined, and intelligent, Kendal Williams was the epitome of a star student, and her legacy will carry on at MC and beyond. 

Kendal, we will miss you forever.

-Sofia Minich, Sarah Kadous, and the MC SUN Staff 

Written by Sarah Kadous

Sarah Kadous is an 18-year-old political activist from San Diego, CA. When she's not fulfilling her duty as the Co-Editor in chief of the MC Sun, the News and Activism Editor of Pure Nowhere Magazine, and Co-Director of March for Our Lives San Diego, Kadous religiously drinks cold brew and listens to the soothing soul Luiz Bonfa.


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  1. This is a beautiful post and a very thoughtful showing of honor to her name. I am especially glad that her intentions, interests and many efforts will be known. So that we can represent them in our life in some shape or form.
    Rest In Peace Kendal Williams.
    Thank you

  2. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you I love you and for the short time I got to be with you, you made me soo happy with endless laughs and hugs and anytime I was in the gym your smile would light up the room I love you xoxo little Ava❤️

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