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MC Improv team

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Every Wednesday after school, a group of students, known as the MC Improv team, gets together to play games involving improvised acting.

Junior Shakura Davis gives her definition of improv.

“Improv is an after school two-and-a-half class where we make up scenes and we basically play games, but with artistic talent,” Davis said.

Davis enjoys the practice improv provides for theater and also appreciates its fun aspects.

“I joined because I really like theater and it’s a good way to practice acting without actually being in a play or even just being really good at it,” Davis said.  “You just go for the laughs and the fun and the people.”

Junior and team captain Reed Wagner describes the group’s activities.

“We play a lot of hilarious games that require quick thinking, good listening skills, and no shame!”  Wagner exclaimed.  “My favorite game is ‘World Worst’, a game where you have to come up with and act out the world’s worst thing to do or say in a given situation.”

Wagner elaborates on his responsibilities as team captain.

“As team captain I have to set up games and help run the practices,” Wagner said.  “I do all the publicity for the team and I also lead the team in our games.”

Wagner initially encountered improv his sophomore year, and has enjoyed it ever since.

“I decided to join because one of my friends dragged me along and I fell in love with it!” Wagner said.  “My favorite part of improv is just making other people laugh by just being goofy with friends.”

Junior member Sierra Ferrugia has been involved for three years and loves the freedom improv allows.

“It seemed like fun and a good way to get out of my shell,” Ferrugia said.  “[I like] the fact that you can be as silly as you want, and no one is allowed to judge you.”

Ferrugia’s favorite game that the team plays is called “Fresh Choice”.

“It’s when you start a scene and if the referee doesn’t like your line, he says ‘fresh choice’, and you have to completely change your line.”  Ferrugia said.

Personally, Ferrugia thinks that improv is a good way for people to become more open.

“It’s a really amazing thing to do if you’re shy or self-conscious.”  Ferrugia said.

Wagner also encourages people to join and notes that improv is not limited to performing arts students.

“I would like people to know that anyone can do improv!  All you have to do is come to practice on Wednesdays after school,” Wagner said.  “Everyone is welcome.”

In addition, improv is holding a fundraiser for “Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat” on October 31st at 5pm, with an entry price of five dollars.  Each donation of a nonperishable food item, such as a canned good, takes off a dollar from the entry price.IMG_4183IMG_4207

Written by Brianna Ganzon

Brianna Ganzon is currently a junior who enjoys the finer things in life like going to the beach, eating frozen yogurt, scuba diving, watching Doctor Who marathons, listening to alternative music, and hanging out around San Diego with her buds. She is both a cartoonist and staff writer on the MC Sun.

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