30th Annual Visions and Voices Festival

As the end of the month approaches, dozens of MC students are rushing to prepare for the Theatre at the Mount’s 30th annual Visions and Voices Festival. 

The festival is an opportunity to showcase completely student-run plays. Students from MC submit their own written works, are interviewed to direct, and audition to act. Five acts have been submitted and accepted. 

“What ‘Family’ Means” written by Bee Phan, is about two brothers, still in their late teens, who reunite after being separated for years. They are brought together by the passing of their father who, in their childhood, pitted the siblings against each other. This is a story of closure and of mending broken bonds. Directed by Abby Covalin and assistant directed by Julia Yates. 

“A Million Times, Yes” written by JP Seabolt and Olivia Lai centers on two best friends who come up with a scheme to propose to each other at restaurants for free meals. In the midst of their whining and dining, they find themselves falling for each other. Will they be able to redefine what they mean to each other while their family and friend worlds become intertwined? Directed by Kayla Segura Bell and Hazel Massqoi. 

“Through the Looking Glass” written by Kyla Peck. A group of friends go out together to “help” one of their friends get over her very recently ex-boyfriend. She escapes the crowded bar to the bathroom and ends up conversing with her reflection about the breakup and comes to some much needed truth about herself. Directed by Jacy Summerville.

“Where Do We Go When the Night Falls” written by Avielle Ferrari. During a hide and seek game two young friends discuss what happens to you when the night falls. When there is no next week. When there is no tomorrow. This is a story of thought. Directed by Sarah Ann Renstrom. 

“Astrology Domine” written by Katherine Simon. When one of the zodiacs is found killed, its fellows and a detective try to follow the clues to discover the culprate. This is a light hearted “who done it” adventure. Directed by Jamie Andreacola and Avielle Ferrari.

The festival opens on Mar. 31st and ends Apr. 2nd. It will take place in the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are five dollars each and will be sold at the door and the show will start at 7 pm. The Theatre at the Mount is looking forward to seeing you there!