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Batter Up cupcake review

With cupcakes being the new fad in food, I was extremely excited to try the cupcakes at Batter Up Cupcakes in Rancho Bernardo. Yet, I was sadly disappointed when my supposedly glorious cupcakes that I paid four dollars for tasted like it was a three day old supermarket cupcake.

Maybe I’m biased, after experiencing Sprinkles Cupcakes, the bar was set to a very high standard and these cupcakes did not hit the mark. The frosting, while it had a pleasant flavor, tasted extremely like chunky refined sugar.

The service that I received at Batter Up was quite exemplary and the man at the counter treated us like valued customers. Meanwhile, the bottom of the cup cake was not awful; there just wasn’t anything amazing about it. It had decent texture and palatable flavor but sadly there were just no fireworks.

Cupcakes being such a popular dessert in our current culture and society, I shockingly unimpressed with my experience at Batter Up and will probably not return. Instead, to cure your cupcake fix, I recommend Sprinkles Cupcakes located in La Jolla where there cupcakes are more than exemplary and average around four dollars a dessert.

Despite the service being wonderful, Batter Up just did not produce the zestful cupcake experience that I desired. The cupcakes were by no degree awful but at the same time, were nowhere near amazing. They are just sort of average, very similar to those of a Vons’s or Stater Bros’ cupcake. I don’t highly recommend trying it out.

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