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iCarly Reboot

iCarly, a late 2000s fan favorite show has returned. The new series on Paramount Plus features the same goofy humor fans have missed but with a slight twist. Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, is now all grown up and so are her fans. Paramount Plus adds a young adult …

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Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl Win

At the beginning of the 2021 Super Bowl game, many fans thought Kansas City would ultimately score another win after their performance in 2020. Kansas City took the trophy home last year in hopes to keep it this year. But to Kansas City fans’ disbelief, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated …

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“Bridgerton” is a Major Hit for Netflix

Netflix’s Bridgerton entails horse carriages, corsets, and fancy etiquette, but it is unlike any other british period drama.  Netflix has taken the eight novel series by Julia Quinn and produced it to be a show filled with elegance and drama; depicting elite families hosting formal balls to find their children …

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Mulan Controversy

Mulan, a popular animated disney movie just became a live action film on Disney’s new streaming network, Disney Plus. Many people are thrilled to watch a movie that shows chinese culture authentically; others, however, are choosing to boycott it. About a year before the movie’s debut, Liu Yifei, the chinese …

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