Nike’s Contributions to COVID-19 Relief

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, citizens around the world are encouraged to stay home and minimize their contact with the outside world. To ensure the safety of individuals and those around them, governments, doctors, well-known figures, and large organizations have made specific contributions in order to properly endorse this proposition.

Various influential corporations have put their efforts towards supporting the treatment of this virus and those affected by it. In particular, Nike, a multinational sports apparel and equipment company, has gone above and beyond in promoting safety measures for the public and raising awareness during this crisis.

The Nike Company promotes their commitment to their employees, communities, and everyone else involved with their business. To show their support, the company has allocated over $17.5 million to those capable of helping during this time. This money has been put towards supplying medical care and food assistance, funding efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO), and assisting local organizations that serve urgent needs in the U.S., China, and parts of Europe.

To encourage its employees to contribute towards resolving this global matter, Nike is providing a two-to-one match for any employee-made donation to a community organization. For every employee-donated dollar given to a community organization, Nike will donate two.

Protective Face Shields Produced and Donated by Nike | Photo Courtesy of

The shortage of necessary resources across the globe has led Nike to put their efforts towards restocking some of these preventative items. To ensure the safety of medical professionals working with infected patients, Nike has begun providing personal protective equipment in the form of full-face shields and powered, air-purifying respirator lenses. These protective features have been donated by Nike to many health systems U.S.-wide.

The Nike Training Club App Offering tons of at-home Workouts | Photo Courtesy of

Providing support in the form of healthcare assistance and proper masks has helped citizens all over the world. As helpful as this may be, what many people need right now is emotional support and the motivation to continue as they were before while still obeying the current restrictions. With this in mind, Nike is using their social media and technological platforms to motivate people across the globe to stay safe and stay fit. Through their many apps and social platforms, Nike is offering a variety of at-home workouts for all different types of athletes. For those in the mood to stretch out with a quick yoga session, or feel the burn from a hardcore HIIT workout, Nike readily offers the resources necessary.

As COVID-19 spreads and increasing amounts of people suffer, the support from organizations around the globe have a massive impact on the progression of this virus and those struck by its consequences. To help get life back to normal and ensure the safety of the international masses, all one can do is stay healthy, donate where they can and encourage themselves and others to ‘play inside, play for the world,” Nike.

Written by Roxy Hudson

Roxy Hudson is Co-Editor-in-Chief for the MCSun, and is going on her third full year of writing with the Sun Staff. She is a Senior runner for the Varsity Cross Country and Track Team and a member of MC's Varsity Soccer Team. When she is not spending her time running in circles on the track, Roxy is usually chilling on the couch with her two adorable chocolate labs or whipping up a tasty dish in the kitchen.

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