Putting the fun in field hockey

From a small town in Middle Age England to the Stadium at MC, the sport of field hockey is still as incredibly fast paced and captivating as it was centuries ago. MC field hockey remains a force to reckon with as they hold a 3-2-1 record so far this season.20371722874_e6443f7ee8_k“We had a pretty strong start and we’ve been a little shaky since our loss against Patrick Henry High School, but we’ve made some adjustments to our team,” said sophomore Francesca Hodges. “Since then we’ve had a team conversation of what strategies we can take to make ourselves better.”

With a strong team mentality the field hockey team hopes to achieve even greater accolades than last year.

“We really think we can win CIf Division II this year if we have the right mindset and we strive to reach our goals,” Hodges said.

With all great teams, come weakness that can always be improved. MC field hockey has a list of developments that can work on at physically and cognitively.

“Since we lost a good amount of seniors last year, we have to work out our positioning of the incoming team members, but if we perfect our team dynamic I think we have a great team,” junior Christine Crasto said.

Nevertheless the achievements of sports, many students play it purely for the fun and joy that the sport brings to others. The friendships made and the moments created, are a key aspect of the amiability of team sports.

“We work really well together and we connect passes with great teamwork, and if we keep going that way we have a great chance of winning CIF’s,” Crasto said. “ I always have fun playing field hockey and our team is fantastic.”

Field hockey is breaking boundaries and pushing their skills to the limits. Sun devil field hockey is an admirable recreation, and with each coming year they become better and better.

Written by Daniel Kenney

Daniel Kenney is a junior at MC. He loves to hang out with friends on the weekend. He also likes to play baseball for MC. He loves his family, thanks them everyday for what they've done for him. Danny also enjoys long walks on the beach, and fishing with friends.

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